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We Are Expanding!

10 years ago, we had a dream: to create the type of vibrant bookstore in Boise that we loved to visit when we traveled to cities like Portland and Seattle. We wanted to create a bookstore where the staff loved to read and share their knowledge of books, a bookstore for people who were as passionate about reading as we are, and a bookstore that was not just located in the community but that was connected to the community. From this dream, Rediscovered Books was born.

We are pleased to announce that we are expanding Rediscovered Books. Lux Fashion Lounge is moving to a larger location on Idaho St. and we are combining our current space with their former store to create a newer, larger, better bookstore. We will remove the wall between our two spaces in July of 2015.

We are hoping that you, our customers, will be as excited about this expansion as we are. We will be able to expand our book selections, add new gift items, and accommodate more events of all kinds. In short, Rediscovered Books will have more kids books, more literature, and more of everything you love. We can’t wait to show you our new look. Stay tuned for updates on our expansion fundraising campaign, which will launch on Independent Bookstore Day on Saturday, May 2nd.

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