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Boise State University's MFA Reading Series presents Andrew Ewell on Friday March 1st starting at 7 PM
Book signing with Joey Morelli for Authentic Selves: Celebrating Trans and Nonbinary People and Their Families in-store on March 3rd from 1 PM to 3 PM
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Boise State University's MFA Reading Series presents CAConrad on Friday March 8th starting at 7:30 PM

Literary Awards: What are They, and Why Should You Care - Part 2

You may have been hearing a lot of talk about the Hugo Awards this year, and may be wondering

What exactly are the Hugo Awards, and why should I care? 


Welcome back to our series where we let you know more about literary awards, this time with two of the biggest literary awards for Science-Fiction and Fantasy out there: The Hugo and the Nebula. 

The Hugo Award logoThe Nebula Awards logo


Did you miss Part 1 about Children's Literary Awards? Check it out here.


Growing Ownership at Rediscovered Books and Once and Future Books

From left to right: Rebecca Crosswhite, Hanna Fischer, Rebecca Leber-Gottberg, and Kalli King


Rebecca Crosswhite, Rebecca Leber-Gottberg, Hanna Fischer, and Kalli King are now part of the ownership structure of Rediscovered Books and Once and Future Books. 

Each of them has made significant contributions to the stores locally and has demonstrated leadership in many arenas.  


Rediscovered Books has been driven by the ideas and insights of all of these women, and now the ownership of the company reflects that reality.

Literary Awards - What are they and why should you care? - Part 1

Book Covers with Literary Award stickers on them


If you've shopped in a bookstore, you may have picked up a book and seen an award sticker on the front.

But what exactly does that mean?

In this blog series, we will be going through different literary awards, both for kids and adults, and letting you know what they mean and why you should care about them. 

First up is: 

Children's Book Awards