5 Reasons We Love to Read

Five Reasons We Love to Read with Mug graphic that has a 'I heart books' graphic on it with steam coming out the top


As has become abundantly clear through our blogs and other postings, we love to read. 

We love books, all sorts of books. 

But when we stopped for a minute to consider WHY we love to read, the reasons are as varied as our booksellers' genre choices and, yet, not.


Reason 1:

We love words. 


We love the images that they paint and how the individual authors "turn a phrase" to take our minds in to their worlds and their visions. Fiction, nonfiction, verse, prose, graphic novel. 

All unique ways to share words and ideas.


Reason 2:

We read to escape. 


Escapism is not necessarily a bad thing.  Sometimes we want a break from our daily lives, sometimes we want something different from the mood that we are in.  Sometimes we want to walk in someone elses' shoes.   

Books take us into worlds and perspectives that can be different than our own.  They make us laugh, they make us gasp, they shock us, they make us cry, and they bring us to a wonderful place (that just might not be home).


Reason 3:

We read to understand the world. 


Whether we are reading Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Literature, History, or Personal Growth, we read to help us understand the place that we inhabit and the people that we share it with. 

Studies show that reading develops empathy, and we wholeheartedly agree.


Reason 4:

It gives us great things to talk about. 


Books we have read, books we are reading, books we want to read, and books that we think others should read. 

Our conversations have included such amazing topics as what book character would we most want to be friends with, which characters we despise, plot twists, plot disappointments, and, even, if we, hypothetically, were going to murder someone in a book, what would be the best weapon of choice (looking at you Agatha Christie and Rupert Holmes for this one). 


Reason 5:

Books are simply the BEST.


Stories are the ultimate gift to ourselves, and gifts that we share with others. 

Through language, pictures, formats, genres, big books, little books, long books and short books, each and every one of them is an opportunity to go somewhere else, be someone else, or just an incredible reason to wile away the hours in pure unadulterated bliss.