6 Easy Ways to Support Your Indie Bookstore

As it gets closer to the holidays, and really all year long, it is important to #SHOPLOCAL.  There are a lot of reasons why, but most importantly, local businesses are what make communities thrive and grow. Local businesses give communities character and personality.  So, as you are putting together your #SHOPLOCAL shopping list this holiday season, let us give you a few ways that we can help you out:

  • Shop Early!  I know, I know.... how early is too early for Christmas shopping?  In our book (ha ha), it is NEVER too early to begin looking for the perfect gift for that someone in your life.
  • Pre-order a book.   We have some amazing books coming up this holiday season! Check out our pre-order page or your favorite author's website.  Pre-orders not only guarantee that you will get the book when it releases, many times pre-orders come with some pretty sweet extras (SWAG!) or even signed copies!
  • Ask a Bookseller for a recommendation.  ARE YOU KIDDING? Us talk about books?? Heck, yeah.  Need a book for that difficult uncle?  A new friend? Your sister who reads EVERYTHING?  We have the book for you AND for that special someone.  Have we told you that we love to read?
  • Buy a Gift Card. Not sure what book to buy? Then buy a gift card.  I always think of a gift card as a "snow day" (from my Midwest upbringing), it is a freebie to buy that book that you would not normally buy yourself.  And they can be used on our website.  If you live far away, but want to #SHOPLOCAL, we have you covered and can mail that gift card to whoever you want.  If you #SHOPLOCAL and are sending a gift to someone somewhere else, they can shop on our website!
  • Attend bookstore and author events.  Did you know that we do some amazing events?  Book & Booze.  Local author events.  Bookseller lead book clubs around Boise.  National author events.  Partnership events with other organizations.  I mean, we are "The Place Where Books and People Meet"!  Check out our webpage Events Calendar and see what is coming up.  So come on out or even better, bring a friend or give tickets to someone as gift. 
  • Share your experiences. We always love good publicity!  Support us with positive reviews, share your experiences, tag us in your Social Media postings (@rdbooks).   All these things help more people find us.