For Authors

Thank you for your interest in selling your book at our stores.


We offer local Idaho authors the opportunity to sell their book on consignment at our sister store, Once and Future Books for a 90 day period. Depending on the success during that 90 day period, we will then decide to buy in your book at Rediscovered Books. 

If you would like your book considered for consignment, please make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a local Idaho author or live within 100 miles of Rediscovered Books. 
  • Only books published with a printed and bound spine and an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) will be considered. 
  • There is a title and author listed on the spine of the book.
  • The book is priced appropriately for its section.
  • We do not accept business or inspirational books in this program.
  • The subject is represented in our store.
  • The book has a professional appearance.
  • A single author is limited to 3 titles on consignment at any one time.

To submit a book for consideration -

  • Send us a single review copy to 180 N 8th Street, Boise ID 83702.
  • Fill out this form


Once the form has been filled out, and we have received a review copy, we will review your book. We will notify you by email of our decision. After notification of our decision has been sent, your review copy will be available to pick up. If it is not picked up within one month of us sending our decision, we will donate it to the Boise Public Library. 


If we have accepted your book to be sold on consignment at Once and Future Books, during the 90 day consignment period, the terms we offer are 50/50, i.e. for the sale of a $15 book, the author would get $7.50.  


Payment will be made at the end of 90 days.  


The decision made by our buyers is final, and we reserve the right to decline without further written or verbal explanation, i.e. we are under no obligation to provide reasons why we may decline to carry a book. 

We are proud to support local authors, and we do our best to provide shelf space for their books, while still keeping in mind our inventory needs and the interests of our customers. We look forward to reviewing your work and thank you for your interest in Rediscovered Books!