Banned Books 2022

Thank you. 

In just one week, you have donated over 1,250 books to pass on to students, staff, and residents in the Nampa School District, and that is incredible! In fact, that is 3 PALLETS of books to give away, and we are reaching our logistical limit for storing them and making that happen at our June 8 event at Flying M Nampa. So tonight we will be closing book orders for donation to this initiative at 10 p.m. MDT today (Tuesday, 5/17). 

Doing so will allow us to plan and manage the distribution of these donations on June 8 at the Flying M Nampa, and to support an upcoming “Read In” protest on June 13 in Nampa. Stay tuned for more information!

But this kind of work is not done, and we still need your help.

Book banning and censorship is on the rise nationwide, and more acts of censorship are facing the Treasure Valley. Our second annual “Read Freely Project” is a key way to take a forward facing stance on censorship in our community. We started this project in an effort to act now, not just react as banning and censorship occurs. Last year in our first year, 75 volunteers gave out 750 books. This year, our goal is 100 people giving out 1,000 books. 

We have selected 7 books vulnerable to censorship or that have been banned and invite people to volunteer to receive 10 copies of one of these books (for free) to share with others. The catch? You must put these books into 10 other people’s hands directly, in-person, with an invitation to read the book.

Why this catch? Because there is power in physically placing a book in someone’s hand. The human connection of sharing a book is the start of a conversation, and these conversations are one of the best ways to jumpstart change. If this seems daunting, don’t worry, we are here to help you navigate this process. After all, it’s a big part of what we do everyday as booksellers!

There are other ways to help as well. Books cost money, and the more money we raise means that we can put more of these books into the community via Read Freely. There are a number of other ways to help:

  • You can donate to the project through our partner, The Cabin (a 501(c)(3)) to purchase books for this program. Any and all amounts help us fund this project. A $100 donation purchases 1 bag of books for donation and you get to choose the title from our list for 2022.

  • You can purchase “Read Freely” merchandise, such as stickers or T-shirts and all the proceeds go to buying books. 

  • Attend our “Grown Up Bookfair” at Telaya Winery on Wednesday, June 16, 4 - 7 p.m. MST. Grab a glass of wine, and browse our book selections for your next best read. 

When people read widely the connections, understanding, and empathy that is shared grows exponentially. And people, especially young people, deserve to see themselves reflected in books. Their stories matter, they matter. Access to books matters. 

We at Rediscovered Books believe that more people reading more books makes the world a better place. As an Independent Bookstore, we value the right to read. We value access to stories of all kinds for all people. And we will continue to provide that access for all people to read.