Bento Boxes

Autumn Bento Boxes

Bento Box Picture Collage


Our hand-picked Bento Boxes makes shopping fun and easy this year.

Keep them together, break them apart, give them as gifts or keep them to yourselves.



Whose will you choose?


Dany: ≈ Delightfully Dark ≈

Dany's Bento box items



Hanna: ≈ A Call for Necromancy ≈

Hanna's Bento box items


Jane Alice: ≈ End of the World Survival Kit ≈

Jane Alice's Bento Box items


Kalli: ≈ A Little Bit of Magic ≈

Kalli's Bento Box items



Karen: ≈ The "Lighter" Side of Fire 

Karen's Bento Box



Rebecca C: ≈ Get your spook on ≈

Rebecca C's Bento Box items



Rebecca G: ≈ I Dream of Spring ≈

Rebecca G's Bento Box items



Tom: ≈ Give yourself some comfort ≈

Tom's Bento Box items