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Audiobooks: Raising the Bar for Reading

Before I started working at Rediscovered Books, I wasn’t sold on the idea of audiobooks. I really didn’t know how to try them out and see if I liked them. Once I got my foot in the door though, it was love. And I feel pretty lucky that where I work wants everyone to have that same eye-opening experience that I did.

Hanna's 2018 Teen Picks

As the end of the year fast approaches Rebecca asked me to round up my top ten favorite Young Adult books read in 2018.  The hardest part of narrowing a list down to ten is when you’re holding a list of fourteen and have to drop four books and they’re all really good books.

Picture Books for All

There are people in this world who would tell you that picture books are only for children, and I feel it is important to let you in on a secret: That's just not true!