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Diverse, Entertaining, and Thought Provoking: Queer Stories for All Readers

For me there are two main kinds of books with queer characters: those where queerness plays an integral role in the story and those where no one in the book bats an eye at a character’s queerness. Both are tremendously important. The first so that we can tell stories about our culture, how we got to where we are now, and the problems that we have and continue to face. The second kind of book is more like a look into the future that we are currently building - one where being queer is normal and without stigma.

New Guides to Boise's Backyard

Like many of you, I love to explore the river and foothills, usually with my dog, Frida. Idaho’s great outdoors does not disappoint… and neither do those who write our guides for exploring it. Three well known Idaho authors have recently released new books for exploring close to home.

Ray Vizgirdas- Boise Foothills and Forest Plants: including Boise Peak, Bogus Basin, and Mores Mountain