To Our Friends and Supporters in Caldwell

Dear Friends of Rediscovered Books in Caldwell,


It is with heavy hearts that we tell you that we are closing our location in Caldwell. After 4 years, this location is not able to stand on its own.  


We’ve been challenged by many circumstances outside of our control, and we have tried everything we can to make it work.  After much careful consideration we believe the only path forward is to close the Caldwell location. 


Why you should read horror (even if it scares you)

We all have our "go to" genres of books that we like. We find comfort in reading these books because... well, they make us feel comforted. For some of us it is a good cozy mystery or romance novel.  A well written piece of Young Adult literature can often do the trick. Being transported to another world through Sci Fi or Fantasy.  All of these things make reading a pleasurable experience. 


But what about horror?