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Bookseller's Nightstand - June 2021

A bookseller's life is full of books, and the stacks of to be read novels is more like a mound.  But here is a snapshot of what is currently at the top of our stacks.  The reviews are quick snapshots, come in to find out the full details.


The Blacktongue Thief by Christopher Buehlman - swashbuckling adventure, a perfect summer read,


Meet Jane Alice, Visual Wizard & Book Matchmaker

How did you come to work at Rediscovered Books?
An abundance of luck, perfect timing, and years of being a loyal customer who read voraciously. I applied at the end of the summer in 2017 and my interest in graphic design and past photography experience made me a good fit for the store's emerging need for someone to do more of our marketing and social media.


Describe what you do at Rediscovered Books in under 10 words.

A Dog Friendly Bookstore

Dog Friendly Image

Rediscovered Books has always welcomed dogs to come to our shop. These happy pups love coming for their treats and loves from our staff.  (Even if Pixie and Apollo give the dogs the stink eye.) Now it's time to share some of our favorite books about our canine companions

Meet Ben K, Bookseller Extraordinaire

Ben K Photo

How did you come to work at Rediscovered Books?

I was a customer first, coming in when Rediscovered first opened up on the bench. Later, as a storyteller I talked with Laura and Bruce about doing performances there, story times and picture book readings. In 2016 when I had come off of a tour with Idaho Theater for Youth, I reached out to see if there was any open spot for a bookseller and was hired on in June.

Most Popular Books of 2020

   2020 bestsellers photo  

At the top of the list is A Promised Land by Barak Obama.   This was the most popular gift this holiday season, and we are receiving a lot of feed back about how much people have enjoyed reading this memoir of President Obamas first term. to share this holiday season.  Everyone Especially compelling is how readers are able to see into Obama’s process of decision making.