A Journey Through Tides (Paperback)

A Journey Through Tides By Mattias Green (Editor), Joao C. Duarte (Editor) Cover Image
By Mattias Green (Editor), Joao C. Duarte (Editor)


A Journey Through Tides is a fully comprehensive text on the history of tides. It brings together geology and oceanography and discusses, in detail, new ideas that have emerged about how tectonics and tides interact. In addition, the book provides an overview of Earth's history, from the perspective of tidal changes, while also highlighting other fascinating phenomena (e.g., solid Earth tides and links between tides and earthquakes). Sections cover an introduction to tides for oceanography students and scientists from other disciplines, cover the Earth's deep time processes, and include several case studies of specific topics/processes that apply to a earth science disciplines.

There are many other processes that drive and modify the tides, hence this book also describes why there is a tide, how it has changed since Earth's early days, and what consequences the tides, and changes in the tides, have on other parts of the Earth system.

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Publication Date: September 15th, 2022
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