Wise Beyond Your Field (Paperback)

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Do you want to boost your organization's performance? Out perform your peers? It may be as simple as looking outside your own field. Wise Beyond Your Field shows how creative leaders use ideas from far beyond their own fields to do things differently and out perform their peers. The book reveals secrets and examples from leaders who compete with the best and soar beyond the pack. They come from sports, law enforcement, high tech, the arts, and more. What could a dancer learn from a football coach? What could a coach learn from a sheriff or CEO of a software firm? Much more than you might expect. Guaranteed to help you go beyond your own world, you'll learn and use new ideas right away. The best part: you'll have fun in the process.

About the Author

Nancy K. Napier, Director of the Centre for Creativity and Innovation at Boise State University and Adjunct Professor at Aalborg University (Denmark), scours the world for ideas-from Vietnam to Botswana. Mostly, she loves the ones from The Gang and its offshoots and hopes this book will inspire wise gangs to spring up everywhere. Jamie Cooper, CEO of Drake Cooper, has helped his firm achieve many professional awards, whistles on his bike as he rides to work, and, if he ever needed a new career, could do impressions. Mark Hofflund, Managing Director of the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, was appointed to the National Endowment of the Arts, ran track for Princeton in college, and knows how to deal with real stage wildlife, as in deer, geese, and skunks, as well as anyone. Don Kemper, founder and CEO of Healthwise, is a regular national and international speaker on consumer health care issues, invites well-behaved dogs to join their owners at work, and walks more miles than most people drive. Bob Lokken, founder and CEO of WhiteCloud Analytics, has given in to being an unrelenting serial entrepreneur who once tried to retire to play golf but decided that was harder work than starting new firms. Chris Petersen, Head Football Coach at Boise State University, is tenacious about finding ways to improve and devilish in challenging his coaches and players to do the same, and if he ever needed a new job, he could open a library, starting with all the books in his office. Gary Raney, Sheriff of the Ada County Sheriff's Office, once said an inmate's escape was a good thing-to help the office throw off complacency. His untapped talent is organizing competitive cooking events. John Michael Schert, Executive Director and Co-founder of Trey McIntyre Project, must be one of the few international dancers who also played a mean game of football in Valdosta, Georgia, as a youngster.

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ISBN: 9780985530525
ISBN-10: 0985530529
Publisher: Boise State University CCI Press
Publication Date: February 26th, 2013
Pages: 156
Language: English