Tod Comes Home (Paperback)

Tod Comes Home Cover Image
By Nancy Gentry, Brianna Miele (Illustrator)
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On a day that was meant to be filled with celebration and fanfare at the return of Captain Tod Carter, his family and sweetheart Sarah Beth feel a heavy anxiousness grow as the Federals set up camp in the front yard of the Carter House. "Our plan isn't to attack here in Franklin," a Union general assures Tod's father, Fount Carter. "We plan to move our men out as soon as possible to join forces with General Thomas in Nashville." But events change quickly. The war that once seemed a distant tragedy is now at the Carters' doorstep. Fate has dealt Fount Carter a hand of unexpected dilemmas. Should he move his family to a safer place or stay and wait for his son's return? Based on the true story of Tod Carter, the Carter family, and the Battle of Franklin, life once again is more unbelievable than fiction. Tod's journey is filled with hardship, struggle, and hope. The family and sweetheart who wait for him can only have faith and pray that Tod Comes Home.

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ISBN: 9780986024474
ISBN-10: 0986024473
Publisher: Ngbooks
Publication Date: September 25th, 2013
Pages: 122
Language: English