Down These Streets Alone (Paperback)

Down These Streets Alone By Ra-Ra M. J., Milos Ckonjovic (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Ra-Ra M. J., Milos Ckonjovic (Illustrator)
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What we seldom openly discuss but need to, if we are to heal broken families and at the same time, protect the young and defenseless. Meet Hakeem Lewis-a Black man who has traveled many roads. From child abuse and abandonment to encountering challenges within the legal system, there is little adversity in life that he has yet to experience.

Experience...yes. Realities preserved within our consciousness that for better or worse, shape our attitudes and behavior. Bad decisions and ignorance become catalysts for persisting self-destructive behaviors and socio-environmental destruction.

Hakeem must realize that his coping methods have carried him down paths of addictive, reckless, and immoral behavior despite an educational and spiritual background.

The question is, does Hakeem possess the desire and courage to make the lifestyle adjustments necessary for healing and to realize a brighter future? Will he be able to determine what is most important to his development-conforming to the ways of the world or establishing a firm relationship with God?

Accompany Hakeem on a journey of discovery and personal growth. There is a road to healing. Are you ready to put the past behind you?

Special Notes:

  • Content incorporates a psychological view into human behavior, and establishes a connection between psychology and Christianity.
  • Narrative explores racism and discrimination-situations that are frequently encountered by African Americans.

About the Author

Ra-Ra M. J. resides in Atlanta, Georgia. A third-time graduate student, Ra-Ra M. J. pursues writing between work and church. Comics and video-games are his favorite past-times.

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ISBN: 9780998175416
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Publication Date: November 21st, 2017
Pages: 330
Language: English