Arizona Springs: The Desert's Draught (Paperback)

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Water, welling up from deep under the earth's surface, has long been regarded with a sense of mystery and gratitude in a thirsty land. Today, our springs have been overused and polluted. Many springs are running dry and to our own peril, we ignore their plight.

In Arizona Springs: The Desert's Draught, Eileen Moore introduces readers to 65 springs emerging in quiet pockets across Arizona. Come

explore the springs of this state, learn how they were formed, their history and the historical conflicts that have, at times, determined when and how they were used. Over 100 photos illustrate the beauty of water in a dry land as the springs shimmer in the sun-dappled shadows of Arizona's back country.

Arizona has the second highest density of springs in the contiguous 48 states. Moore has chosen to focus on 65 specific springs in Arizona to represent the thousands of seeps and springs found in Arizona. This is amazing when we consider that Arizona is one of our most arid states. The discussion includes our aquifers and the threat to the aquifers as the population of our state continues to grow. 222 pages

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ISBN: 9780999110867
ISBN-10: 0999110861
Publisher: Morten Moore Publishing
Publication Date: April 13th, 2021
Pages: 222
Language: English