Reinvent U Daily Vitamin: 60 Day Dose to Finding Your Spark....Mind, Body, & Spirit (Paperback)

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Once upon a time, there was a young girl who was full of joyous energy and loved to smile. She was fearless, ambitious, and loved herself despite her differences. People described her as bubbly, happy and sparkly.

Then one day, the dark spell of life and the difficulties it can bring came over the young girl. She began to experience stress and sorrow. She became very good at taking care of others but forgot to take care of herself. She focused more on the distractions of life and got sidetracked from what was important. One day, she kneeled down to pray and asked the Lord, how she lost her spark. The Lord responded and said "my child, you must learn to cultivate your moments and listen to what you are telling yourself. You must learn to trust your struggles and stop people pleasing. Learn to take the limits off and embrace your perfect imperfections. You must shine like a diamond and dream beyond your nightmare. As you are in pursuit of happiness, you must pay attention to who deserves your time and design the life you love and want. Stop carrying what is not yours to carry and challenge yourself to make today your someday. Remember my child, no is not a bad word, and you should never allow others to determine your self-worth. Just be you. Despite your challenges, focus on what you can do now. Get unstuck and stop trying to save people. Be patient and always choose to love and smile."

After many years, now a woman, life still presented its difficulties, and she released the shadow from her past. She was finally tired of feeling tired and living in darkness. She was finally tired of being unhappy. She realized she wanted to live a long and happy life and she had to take ACTION. Through continued prayer, positive thinking, speaking life into her situation and the encouragement of those around her, she learned how to own her power and spark. She learned to create boundaries, she learned to create balance, and she learned to take care and love herself. There she was She was smiling and laughing again. She finally found her power and her own SPARK which had been buried under years of neglect.

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ISBN: 9780999164891
ISBN-10: 0999164899
Publisher: Unlock Publishing House, Inc.
Publication Date: June 11th, 2018
Pages: 148
Language: English