Sioux Warrior vs US Cavalryman: The Little Bighorn campaign 1876–77 (Combat) (Paperback)

Sioux Warrior vs US Cavalryman: The Little Bighorn campaign 1876–77 (Combat) By Ron Field, Adam Hook (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Ron Field, Adam Hook (Illustrator)
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Featuring specially commissioned artwork and full-color maps, this absorbing study investigates the origins, fighting techniques, and battlefield performance of the combatants fighting on both sides during the Black Hills War of 1876–77.

Following the discovery of gold deposits, in December 1875 the US Government ordered the indigenous population of the Black Hills in what is now South Dakota and Wyoming, the Sioux, to return to the Great Sioux Reservation. When the Sioux refused, US Army sent forces into the area, sparking a conflict that would make Lieutenant Colonel George Custer, Chief Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, and others household names around the world.

Examining a series of engagements in the Black Hills War, including Rosebud, Little Bighorn and Slim Buttes, this fully illustrated study assesses the forces fighting on both sides in this momentous campaign, casting light on the origins, tactics, armament, and battlefield performance of the US Cavalry and their Sioux opponents at the height of the Indian Wars.

About the Author

Adam Hook studied graphic design, and began his work as an illustrator in 1983. He specializes in detailed historical reconstructions, and has illustrated Osprey titles on subjects as diverse as the Aztecs, the Ancient Greeks, Roman battle tactics, several 19th-century American subjects, the modern Chinese Army, and a number of books in the Fortress series. His work features in exhibitions and publications throughout the world.

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Publication Date: September 17th, 2019
Pages: 80
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