How to make money out of stock market using tarot. (Paperback)

How to make money out of stock market using tarot. By Konrad Bienias (Translator), Konrad Bienias Cover Image
By Konrad Bienias (Translator), Konrad Bienias
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Dear reader, if you follow the suggestion in this book your life will surely change. Thanks to appropriate tarot spreads and their interpretations you will start winning the stock market game and make money out of it. Do you want to find out already in the morning before the trading session if you will be losing or winning money during the day? If the answer is yes this book is for you. As a result of that you can get rid of the shares or other asset before loss or choose the best time to take profits during the day. The tarot spreads can be used to equity markets, commodity markets, futures and currencies. One of the main advantage of tarot investment is that you can still make money even if stock market heads down by holding short position in the futures contract. The chance of winning is 98%. There is margin of error 2% due to the change in the flowing energy and random events throughout the day. Always remember the tarot will not tell you what will happen, but what is likely to happen if you continue on the same course you are currently on. You can always change your course of action, and thus change the outcome. You can also find here the samples of tarot readings with interpretation for better understanding the spread. There are many skeptics who believe only in fundamental or technical analysis. These methods are often delusive. Now I am giving you a tool to take advantage of all investment possibilities the stock market offers. At the beginning you need to get tarot deck it might be Rider Waite and follow my instructions. The meanings of tarot cards in terms of the investment are defined in this publication, but I strongly encourage you to extend knowledge in this field using all available sources. Currently investing in the stock exchange is getting very risky and it is like a casino. That's why it's wort minimizing this risk. The techniques described in this book are ideal for investors operating in derivatives and day-traders, where the situation in long and short positions changes dynamically during the day. Beginners would be better off sticking to shares and familiarize themselves with the chapter about the rules of investing in stock market.

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