Grounded for All Eternity (Paperback)

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I devoured this book! If you're like me and yearn for spooky-season all year long, Mal and his friends are what you need. Not only was the world fun and unique, it utterly subverted my expectations (which is the whole point!). I laughed out loud at the cookie pandering seraph and the main characters' cluelessness of mortal customs. I'm looking forward to a whole series of this ragtag team and their interdimensional friends.

— Jacey A.

Hell's angels are loose!! Well maybe not the motorcycle gang, but a rag tag trio from Hell. This hilarious and fun romp in the mortal world almost leads to disaster for angels from both Heaven and Hell. Middle grade readers will relate to the many challenges that our protagonists encounter and will cheer for their success in returning home with the prize.

— Karry F

Middle grade archangels from Hell accidentally let an escaped soul from the 8th circle of Hell travel to earth and they must catch him before it is too late. This book turns the Heaven/Hell dichotomy on its ear in the most entertaining of ways and is a joyful read! Underneath it all, the book addresses so many issues that Middle Graders face in such underhanded ways. Devilishly delightful!

— Rebecca G


A group of kids from hell come to Earth on one of the craziest nights of the year—Halloween—in this “entertaining, high-octane” (Kirkus Reviews) middle grade adventure about teamwork, friendship, shattering expectations, and understanding the world (or otherworld) around us.

Malachi and his friends are just your regular average kids from hell. The suburbs that is, not the fiery pit part. But when Hell’s Bells ring out—signaling that a soul has escaped from one of the eternal circles, Mal and his friends can’t help but take the opportunity for a little adventure.

Before they know it, they’ve somehow slipped through the veil and found themselves in the middle of Salem, Massachusetts, on Halloween night. And what’s even worse, they’ve managed to bring the escaped soul with them! As the essence of one of history’s greatest manipulators gains power by shifting the balance on Earth, Mal and his squad-mates—along with some new friends that they meet along the way—work desperately to trap the escapee, save the people of Earth from the forces of evil, and find the portal back to their own dimension.

If they can’t manage it before their parents realize they’re gone, they’ll be grounded for an eternity. And an eternity in hell is a very, very long time.

About the Author

Darcy Marks is a Second Degree Black Belt in Kempo-JuJitsu, as well as a Black Belt in Arnis, the Filipino art of stick-fighting. She teaches women’s self-defense and works as a forensic toxicologist. Darcy is a mother of three is and an avid fangirl living in northern Vermont. Visit her online at

Praise For…

"Dark fantasy collides with Dante-esque imagery in debut author Marks’s nail-biting occult adventure, in which a fateful act of rebellion strands an adolescent group of literal hell’s angels on Earth  . . .  a breakneck plot, rousing fight scenes, and light romance drive this action-forward fantasy with a unique premise."
--Publishers Weekly

"This is an entertaining, high-octane story that moves with the speed of a bat out know where. Fast-paced and amusing."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Marks's thrilling debut includes edgy, subversive themes and perspectives that blend seamlessly with history and classic tropes. The atmospheric and haunting Grounded for All Eternity is a thrill that lasts long past Halloween."
— --Kyla Paterno, freelance reviewer

Product Details
ISBN: 9781534483378
ISBN-10: 1534483373
Publisher: Aladdin
Publication Date: June 13th, 2023
Pages: 400
Language: English