The Energy Switch: How Companies and Customers Are Transforming the Electrical Grid and the Future of Power (Hardcover)

The Energy Switch: How Companies and Customers Are Transforming the Electrical Grid and the Future of Power By Peter Kelly-Detwiler Cover Image
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The energy industry is changing, and it's far more than just solar panels. Electric vehicles look to overtake gasoline-powered cars within our lifetimes, wind farms are popping up in unlikely places, traders are transforming energy into a commodity, and supercomputers are crunching vast amounts of data in nanoseconds while helping to keep our energy grids secure from hackers.

The way humans produce, distribute and consume power will be cleaner, cheaper, and infinitely more complex within the next decade. In The Energy Switch, leading energy industry expert Peter Kelly-Detwilerlooks at all aspects of the transformation: how we got here, where we are going, and the implications for all of us in our daily lives.

Kelly-Detwiler takes readers to the frontlines of the energy revolution. Meet Steve Collins, an executive from Commercial Development Corporation, the company that blew up two $570-million-dollar concrete cooling towers to create a staging ground for the new $70 billion U.S. offshore wind industry; Rob Threlkeld, a General Motors executive who convinced the auto giant to sign multiple 20-year renewable energy contracts worth hundreds of millions; Kevin McAlpin, a Texas homeowner who buys the power for his home on the electricity spot market - where prices can soar from less than one cent a kilowatthour to $9.00 over the course of a single day; Dr. Kristin Persson, who oversees a supercomputer that can process data at 30 quadrillion calculations per second, in the quest for better renewable energy and battery technologies; and John Davis, a Texas rancher who can keep his land intact, with help from the royalty payments from seven turbines spinning on his range.

Energy creation and distribution has driven society's progress for centuries. Today, people are increasingly aware that it is imperative that humans move towards a cleaner, digitized, and democratized energy economy. The Energy Switch is about that multi-trillion dollar transformation, told from the perspective of those leading us to that bright future.

About the Author

Peter Kelly-Detwiler brings 30 years of experience in electricity generation and distribution to his current passion of helping transform the way we make and consume power. As Senior Vice President at Constellation, he oversaw creation of a virtual power plant, equal in size to the output of a large nuclear plant, created by having customers turn off equipment during periods of extremely high electricity demand. Kelly-Detwiler has been engaged in competitive retail electricity markets from their earliest days in 1997, and rendered the first invoice in the retail industry. Kelly-Detwiler is a frequent moderator and speaker at industry events concerning the interaction of power markets and emerging technologies and runs professional workshops on various related topics for executive and mid-level management. He contributes regularly to and other publications focusing on topics related to disruptive innovation and the impact on the electric sector and society. He has written comprehensive research papers for clients on diverse topics relating to power markets and has been interviewed on public television and by USA Today, among other outlets.

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Publisher: Prometheus Books
Publication Date: June 15th, 2021
Pages: 312
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