Suppliers to the Confederacy Volume Four: From Brass Pins, Pistols & Swords to Warships (Hardcover)

Suppliers to the Confederacy Volume Four: From Brass Pins, Pistols & Swords to Warships Cover Image
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This new research begins with the story of the importance of the city of Liverpool to the Confederacy and the companies and individuals that made this possible. The book goes on to feature detailed photographs of newly-surfaced war materiel ranging from the smallest of British exported items such as buttons, brass pins, bullets, bullet molds, carbine snap hooks, belt buckles, pistols, swords and boots through to the mighty British- built warships like the CSS Florida, Shenandoah and Alabama - as well as the companies behind them. There are six all-new appendices - Victims of the Shenandoah - Officers of the Shenandoah - When the American Civil War Came to Southampton, England - Blockade Runners Registered at Liverpool Between 1863-1865 and The Alabama Claims, 1869-1872.

The final appendix features brand new exclusive photographs submitted by collectors and other historians of yet more Confederate soldiers pictured with imported British arms and equipment.

This wide-ranging new title has a total of 251 all-new b/w photographs and illustrations, including never seen before items from various businesses, museums and individual collectors like Arthur L. Quick Jr., James Mayo, Fred Taylor, Jason & Mark Krausz, William Stier, Tim Prince, Tim & Debbie Sheads, Brian Akins, Wesley Marshall, Ralph Heinz, Dave Taylor, Larry Hicklen, William Wilt and Shannon Pritchard and many more. Businesses and museums that provided new items for the book include Midwest Civil War Relics, Georgia Historical Society, Horse Soldier Antiques, Army of Tennessee Civil War Artifacts, Bonhams Online Auction House, I., Liverpool Maritime Museum, and Atlanta History Center.

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ISBN: 9781647184469
ISBN-10: 1647184460
Publication Date: June 10th, 2020
Pages: 394
Language: English