How to Build a Backyard Wildlife Pond (Paperback)

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Observe wildlife you otherwise wouldn't see: watch frogs and dragonflies in your own backyard.
Provide the one essential habitat element that benefits all wildlife: water.

In this 46 page, easy to follow booklet, you can quickly learn the basics of everything you need to know to create and enjoy your own wildlife pond. Follow the author as she builds her pond during a one-week vacation, for less than $300, as part of a plan to have a certified backyard wildlife habitat. Color photos illustrate each step of her pond building process, including:

choosing a pond location designing a pond that benefits the most wildlife digging and leveling the pond installing padding to protect the liner buying and installing the liner filling the pond with soil, rocks, and water adding rocks around the edges.

A wildlife pond is cheaper to build and easier to maintain than other types of backyard ponds:

It doesn't need an electric pump, which can be expensive to buy, install, and run. Plants are grown directly in soil at the bottom of the pond, rather than in pots that need to be removed each Winter and repotted each Spring.Instead of goldfish provided by humans, it is stocked by Nature with local wildlife.Once it achieves a balanced state that mimics natural ponds, it needs very little input from humans.

Join the author on her adventure and discover how she welcomes frogs, dragonflies, tadpoles, snails, bathing birds, and other creatures where she can observe them in her own backyard.

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