A Distant Star: How Humanity Gets to the Stars (Paperback)

A Distant Star: How Humanity Gets to the Stars By Raymond Hardcastle Cover Image
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This book approaches in novel form what steps Humanity needs to take to become a more than single planet species so we humans don't become extinct. The dinosaurs didn't have a Space Program. Picture a Tyrannosaurus in a space suit. It uses current and projected developments to advance into low Earth orbit, the Moon and the Lagrangian balanced gravity points. A small dedicated crew of explorers advance beyond earth orbit to Mars, the Asteroid Belt and dwarf planet Ceres. On an exploration of Jupiter's Trojan points in search of geologic resources they discover something that leads them eventually to a Star Gate. Established Scientists keep telling them what they are doing can't be done, but then take credit for their accomplishments.

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ISBN: 9781728360133
ISBN-10: 1728360137
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: May 11th, 2020
Pages: 550
Language: English