Bookseller Favorite Places to Read - Winter Edition

All readers have their favorite places to cuddle up with a good book and this time of year it is particularly cozy.  The cooler weather seems to bring out our hibernation tendencies and we find so many ways to truly feed our souls and nourish our spirits through books.  Here are a few of the places that our booksellers like to snuggle up and imbibe:

Hanna - At my parent's cabin under a blanket by the wood stove.

Jacey - Buried under at least 5 blankets with my 2 dogs.  

Rebecca C - In the bathtub.

Katie - In bed.

Amy - Snuggled up with my kids on the couch under blankets.

Kevin - In my chair with my cat, Giles, on my lap.

Jane Alice - Cozied up at Flying M with a cup of warm cider.

Ben - On my parent's old couch by the window with snow falling down.

Britney - On my couch under a cozy blanket surrounded by LoFi Jazz.

Karen - In bed.

Laura - At the kitchen table with a pot of tea and a cat next to me.

Kvothe - I don't have a fireplace, so I like to go to other establishments that have a fireplace and read there.

Armi - Right by a large window at the library or in a coffee shop.  Or in bed with a YouTube video of a fireplace in the background while my candle struggles to keep up with my expectations.  LOL!

Rebecca G - By the fire in a comfy chair with my dog, Pancake, warming himself (see the above picture).  Cozy socks are a MUST!

Bruce - In my easy chair with a cup of warm beverage of some sort.