Bookstore Birthday 2020

Rediscovered Books is 14 years old on September 6, 2020.  In young men, this age is often a time of voice changes.  The cracks and breaks of this year evolve into a new voice that is more capable and expressive than it was in its youthful form.   Rediscovered Books is eighteen people, thirteen full-time and five part-time, navigating the operating of three stores under the most challenging circumstances in living memory, and our voice is richer and more expressive than ever.  This year has been filled with cracks and breaks, and yet it has also seen us grow and refocus on what is important to us and to our bookshop. 

Keeping the connections we have forged with readers has been our primary goal during this time of upheaval and change.  We treasure the conversations about family, concerns, and curiosity we have with you.  These conversations help us to find the books that fit our community and the topics that are on people’s minds.  Black Lives Matter, and we are reading and recommending more BIPOC books and invite you to do the same.  

Reading is an act of change, because when you open yourself to a new story, you are inviting another person’s perspective into your soul.   When we read books that challenge us and ask us to grow, we create a world that is more connected and empathetic at the end of the day than it was at the beginning.  Expanded connections, richer understandings, and open-hearted conversations can provide a clear path forward through this unprecedented time. 

Thank you for sharing the path with Rediscovered Books.  We’re here for the long walk, and we love exploring with our community.



Bruce and Laura DeLaney

Owners, Rediscovered Books



If you are curious about what we are doing in a more practical sense, here are the highlights from the past twelve months.


Staff Development

            The booksellers at Rediscovered Books are the most important part of our store, and we spend our time and treasure helping all of our staff to become more caring, more knowledgeable, and more skilled.  Conferences (now virtual), classes (often online), collaboration with booksellers from other stores, and staff-led workshops are a few of the ways we invest in ourselves.  

            Rebecca Crosswhite, our store manager, was part of a national book awards committee, Indies Introduce, for Fall 2020.  She was one of 10 booksellers selected from across the country to select the best debut authors of kids and YA fiction.  Here's a link to this year's picks.


New Store in Caldwell

           We opened this store because there are readers across the Treasure Valley, and we wanted a second location to better serve people in the west Valley.

  • Located at 802 Arthur Street, across from the Flying M
  • 28,000 books in store

Virtual Events

            We have switched on a dime to hosting robust virtual events for readers to encounter new ideas, authors, and connections with each other. 

  • Three platforms to deliver events
  • Eventbrite ticketing    
  • Hosting 12-15 events virtually each month
  • Diverse events designed to support the wide variety of readers that we encounter at our shop
  • Virtual Bookclubs (Human Rights, Latinx, and Kids Club)

Webpage Updates

            We are working steadily to improve our ecommerce site to make it easier for you to find and purchase books from our shop.  Here are some of the improvements, and we are working to add more each week.

  • Live in-store inventory on website
  • Used book inventory online
  • Smart search and advanced search options
  • Smartphone optimization
  • New Kids & YA Page

Covid Safety Protocols

            We believe in science, and we are committed to providing a safe experience for both our customers and our staff.  

  • Masks required, hand sanitizer, and social distancing
  • Curbside service available

Shipping and Delivery 

            During the lockdown, all of us hand delivered books from Caldwell to Kuna, from Eagle to Boise, and it was great to see the many different parts of the Valley.

  • Local delivery via bookseller or USPS