Censorship in the Treasure Valley

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Actions you can take here in the Treasure Valley




Fight Evil Read BooksWe are setting up a distribution event in Nampa to give students and members of the community FREE copies of the recently banned booksDistribution Day is June 8 at the Flying M Coffee Garage in Nampa

Thank you!  We have surpassed our goal and have over 1250 books to distribute to students, parents and staff of the Nampa School District.

Want to buy some of these books for yourself? Go here!




Read Freely SmallSupport the Read Freely Project  

We started the Read Freely Project in 2021 to highlight and distribute recent titles that are diverse, brilliant, and vulnerable to censorship in the current social climate. Last year, members of the community gave away 750 books in the Treasure Valley and had some incredible conversations! This project is a proactive movement against censorship. 



Unite Agains Book Bans Unite Against Book Bans

 Learn more about how to defend the right to read in your community and stand against censorship using resoureces from the UABB!




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Books Banned in the Treasure Valley in 2022

This is our current comprehensive list of books that have been banned in the Treasure Valley this year.  Please contact us if you have updates you would like to see included.  This is a list of outright banned books, not necessarily books that have only been challenged.

One of the books banned in Nampa this week is John Green's Looking For Alaska. He has a great video talking about schools banning his book and the wider topic of such bans here:





Rediscovered Books' Statement on Censorship and Banned Books

May 11, 2022

Today the sun rose, the birds sang, people moved about their everyday lives, and yet another incidence of Book Banning has occurred in the Treasure Valley.  The actions taken by the Nampa School District Board banned an extensive list of books based on the request of 100 citizens and without the due process set out by its own guidelines.  Daily we are hearing more and more incidences of books being taken from the shelves of schools and public libraries, often done without public comment or even the awareness of libraries or professional librarians.  

Books matter.  Access to books matters.  Books are tools for understanding complex issues. They develop empathy, they expand our perspectives. Limiting young people’s access to books does not protect them from dealing with life’s complexities and challenges.  People, and especially young people, deserve to see themselves reflected in a library’s books.  Their stories matter, they matter.  

Removing books that some find unacceptable negates the value and place of all people in our society.  Book bans harm communities. Book bans censor community members from our national, democratic dialogue. They undermine the legal and social rights of individuals, family, and friends as a part of the fabric of our communities. Individuals should be trusted to make decisions on their own about what they read. A small group of parents do not have the right to choose what other people’s children read or to decide whose voices and experiences matter.  

As an Independent Bookstore, we value the right to read.  We value access to stories of all kinds for all people.  And we will continue to provide that access for all people to read.  There comes a time when the actions of a few need the voices of the many to stand up for those who are being assaulted for existing or, worse, being erased from existence.  Join our voice in providing access to all books for all people. 

The time is now and we are asking you to join us to protect all voices and provide a place where all voices matter.