Digital Wish Lists at Rediscovered Books

Everyone loves a wish list.

Whether you're creating the dream collection for your school library, planning for the holidays, or curating your personal list, we want to make your organization easy.

Follow these steps to create, view, or edit a Wish List:


How To Create A Wish List:

Step 1.  Log in or create an account at (Top of the page)

Step 2.  Search for a book you want to place on your wish list

Step 3.  Click Add To Wish List (next to the Add To Cart button)

Step 4.  Find your Wish List under Shop. Here you can Share, Rename, Download, and Add Notes to your list.

Step 5.  Add more books!



View or Edit Your Wish List:

Step 1. Log in to your account

Step 2. Select My Wish List under the Shop menu

Step 3. Here you can Share, Edit, Rename, add an Expiration Date, add a Mailing Address, add Notes, and other fun features! Remember to Save your changes. 



Need an Example?

Here's a list that the Women’s and Children’s Alliance requested for this holiday season.


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