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Rediscovered Books has always welcomed dogs to come to our shop. These happy pups love coming for their treats and loves from our staff.  (Even if Pixie and Apollo give the dogs the stink eye.) Now it's time to share some of our favorite books about our canine companions

Cat Dog Dog Image


Cat Dog Dog: A Story of a Blended Family by Nelly Buchet and Andrea Zuill

Hee Hee Hee Heeheehehhehhehee  Ha Ha HAAAH.  Blending the pets of two families is complicated and hilarious. - Laura



Good Dog Carl Image


Good Dog Carl by Alexandra Day

What set of books about dogs would be complete without Carl?  This kind caretaker is one of the best now and always. - Laura



Doggies Cover Image


Doggies: a Counting Barking Book by Sandra Boynton - 

Sound effects are always best, and Sandra Boynton knows the kaleidoscope of sounds that dogs make, and makes it easy for parents and children to share in the sillies. – Bruce and Laura



Alone Cover image

Alone by Megan E. Freeman

Maddie and her friends have big plans- a secret sleepover! But her friends bail on her and when she wakes up the next morning, the whole town has bailed on her. There is no one left, not one person, except for George the rottweiler. Now it is Maddie and George who are just surviving. Finding food, finding heat, will they ever find her family? This is an amazing adventure written in verse.  Review by Rebecca C



Two Dogs Cover Image

Two Dogs in a Trench Coat by Julie Falatko

The amazing adventures of 2 dogs who team up so they can be more like the kids they love. Review from Kevin L.




Home is where Heart is image

Home is Where the Heart Is by Cam Higgins (Good Dog Series)

Bo is the pup that we all know and love.  He’s sweet, kind, and loves to make friends.  This early chapter book is a gentle story of a family with a puppy they love.  He really is a great dog, even if he loves mud A LOT !- Laura



Win Dixie Cover

Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

The love of a dog can bring hope and healing to an injured heart, and Kate DiCamillo’s story is so full of heart that reading it fills your soul.  If you haven’t discovered her books, take some time and enjoy a walk with Winn Dixie. -Laura



Wondrous Rex

Wondrous Rex Patricia MacLachlan

Many of us have read and loved Sarah, Plain and Tall.  Patricia MacLachlan is sharing another story to love about a magical companion that gives a young storyteller confidence to write her own story. Grace and Lily find their voice again with the help of a dog who has just the right word to share. -Laura



Paws vs Claws

Paws vs. Claws by Spencer Quinn.  You might recognize Spencer Quinn from his adult mystery series - Dog Gone IT, but did you know that his writing is even funnier when he writes for kids?  Queenie the cat and Arthur the dog live in a bed and breakfast with puzzles to solve and the twins Harmony and Bro to take care of.  The cover image says it all, they don’t trust each other, but they do need each other to set right the case of the missing cow. - Laura & Rebecca




Almost There cover

Almost There and Almost Not by Linda Urban

This small volume has a powerful story about how important the love of a dog, friendship and bread and butter letters.  California is eleven and her father has left at her Aunt Monica’s with her boxes and her fancy pen.  Encouraged by two ghosts, a dog and a cranky woman, California begins writing letters to the people she has encountered and troubles and new connections begin to surface.  The writing is so beautiful that I wish I could receive a letter from California.  I would treasure it.  -Laura