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After World War II, the United States innovated and evolved economically in order to rebuild itself, which resulted in great success in new or growing industries. As most families began to enjoy the new pastime of evening television, one of these new industries to emerge was that of the frozen TV dinner. A father and farmer from Wendell, Idaho had the audacity and vision to start his own trucking business and take hold of the opportunity this new product provided, aiming to grow his wealth with the Montana Express – frozen dinner delivery across the 50 states. Elaine Ambrose, bestselling author and humorist, shows a new side of herself as she details the life she led as this man’s daughter, and the struggles her family undertook under the strain of an absent father, and the high tensions and familial rivalries that arose after his untimely death. She hopes to offer hope and inspiration to others who have a marred childhood and contaminated family story, that anyone may grow beyond these painful memories and find success, happiness, and warmth for themselves.

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ISBN-13: 9781612545073
Publisher: Brown Books Publishing Group
Publication Date: November 19th, 2018