JW Embury - By the Big Cedar Tree - Rediscovered Books - Boise

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Join us at Rediscovered Books - Boise for an evening with debut author JW Embury as he discusses his book By the Cedar Tree.   

"When I am fully immersed in my life back home, I'll close my eyes and think of this place, and it will emerge in my mind as the perfect magical place in the woods-waiting, always waiting, for someone to walk across its welcoming porch, open the front door, and arrive at the Shangri-La of one's dreams.

For all who have been here, they know. They understand the magic. I believe that's why it's been a closely guarded secret for so many years...shared only amongst discerning and respectful friends."

On New Year's Eve of 1971, two high school friends spent a freezing cold night up in the mountains near their small-town homes. Little did John and Rob know this trip would plant the seeds for a decades-long undertaking, bringing friends from different walks of life together and providing a refuge to spend time away from the stresses of everyday life.

By the Big Cedar Tree is J.W. Embury's captivating account of how building and preserving a secret cabin hidden deep within the Willamette National Forest helped teach five men the importance of respecting nature. As they spent years learning the nuances of the land and holding wilderness pentathlons to test their skills, they also forged lasting bonds of friendship. Enter the woods, walk by the Big Cedar Tree, and step through the front door of a mystical cabin into an unforgettable story.

J.W. Embury was born Salem, Oregon. After high school, John attended college on an athletic scholarship. Eventually, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from George Fox University.After nine years of marriage to his wife Sandy, the Treasure Valley of Idaho became their home in 1992. Their thirty-seventh marriage anniversary is now in the rear-view mirror, and they are fortunate to have six grandchildren, one son, four daughters and three sons-in-law.
By the Big Cedar Tree is John’s first book. The stories within the book are different, unique, and John contends, “Some real-life events should be remembered and passed on from one generation to the next, especially true stories that can transform individuals into legends.”


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Boise, ID 83702
By the Big Cedar Tree: A Wilderness Trip Led to a Discovery That Changed Their Lives Forever. Will Their Forty-Year Old Secret Be Exposed? Cover Image
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Published: By the Big Cedar Tree, LLC - November 21st, 2019