Mel Bosworth & Ryan Ridge- Weird Weeks

Saturday, November 10, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Mel Bosworth and Ryan Ridge - Weird Weeks

Saturday, November 10, 7 p.m.


“Ryan Ridge and Mel Bosworth have produced the most perfect weird book in Weird Weeks. Are these dreams? Fantasias? Postcards from a parallel universe? It doesn’t matter, because they’re so absorbing and funny and sad and good they deserve to just exist without category, to be read without anything but delight.”
—Amber Sparks author of The Unfinished World

“It seems like every week nowadays is a weird week, but not good weird. These pieces are good weird-–eccentric and surreal and ready to turn on a dime or even on a penny, funny and insane, but with a deep and sometimes grim human core.”
—Brian Evenson author of A Collapse of Horses

“Weird Weeks is another wild powerful duet album from Ridge and Bosworth, two flash fiction American masters. Each story howls with life and laughter. A sucker punch right to the heart. With echoes of James Tate, Donald Barthelme, and Italo Calvino, Weird Weeks rises to the occasion of our strange times and leaves the reader breathlessly alive. A full-tilt joyride for the soul, wonderfully weird and dangerously beautiful.”
—Michael Bible author of Sophia and Empire of Light

“Ryan Ridge and Mel Bosworth’s collection of coordinated tandem shenanigans, Weird Weeks, provides its reader with a series of dispatches from a realm so absurd it rivals our own. In an era when it’s easy to confuse satire for reality, The Onion for The Washington Post, we need a book like this one to put things in perspective, to give us a way to laugh at ourselves while absorbing the gut punch of how strange our lives can seem when seen through the twin lenses of two vibrant imaginations.”
-–Christopher Kennedy author of Clues from the Animal Kingdom












MEL BOSWORTH is the author of the novel, Freight, and the poetry chapbook, Every Laundromat in the World, and is co-author of the flash collection, Second Acts in American Lives, with Ryan Ridge. He lives in Western Massachusetts.


RYAN RIDGE is the author of four books, including the hybrid novel, American Homes (University of Michigan Press, 2015). His next story collection, New Bad News, is forthcoming from Sarabande Books in 2020. Past work has appeared in American Book ReviewThe CollagistDIAGRAMLos Angeles ReviewLuminaPassages NorthSalt HillSanta Monica Review, and elsewhere. In 2016, he received the Italo Calvino Prize in Fabulist Fiction judged by Jonathan Lethem. An assistant professor at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, he co-directs the Creative Writing Program. In addition to his work as a writer and teacher, he edits the literary magazine, Juked. He lives in Salt Lake City with the writer Ashley Farmer.







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