Mike Kaplan- Gotta Dance, Too!

Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Mike Kaplan - Gotta Dance, Too: The Art of the Dance Movie Poster

Thursday, November 15, 7 p.m.


The follow up to 2014's Gotta Dance, Gotta Dance, Too: The Art of the Dance Movie Poster includes 80 pieces from 14 countries and include dance imagery from both musical and non-musical films all in the Mike Kaplan's personal collection. 

"The ideal movie poster is a microcosm of the movie itself, capturing with inventiveness the feeling one has after leaving the cinema. It should be both a work of art and a souvenir of one's movie experience". -- Mike Kaplan


Praise for Gotta Dance: The Art of the Movie Poster

Trey McIntyre​, Artistic Director and Choreographer for the Trey McIntyre Project: 

“When I first encountered these pieces, I was benefitted by an emotion that is rare to come by
outside of nature: awe. This is a period in art, history, and film that deserves to be
immortalized. Kaplan has uniquely and thoroughly curated and collected this moment of
time, shedding light on a specialty that has been forgotten by most. What a gift!”


Adrian Curry​of Mubi.com:

“Eloquently written and beautifully laid out....A love letter to graphic design....A labor of love and pure delight.”


Rex Reed​, film critic, co-host of At the Movies, and writer for The New York Observer:

“This book is a total delight for the eye and the mind. It proves once and for all that movie posters are art in every language.... a treasure!”


Joanna Ney​, co-curator for Dance on Camera at the Film Society of the Lincoln

"There is nothing more electrifying than a gorgeous body moving through space. The dance images are so vibrant and stunning that they cry out to be framed and hung in a museum setting. This book is a work of art in itself by an expert in the field.”

Event address: 
180 North 8th Street
Boise, ID 83702