Faceout Friday by Bookseller Amy

Book Quick Facts 

● Genre: Historical fiction 

● Length: 400 pages 

● Part of a Series: No 

Don’t let this bubble gum pink cover fool you! Set in the early 1960’s, Elizabeth Zott is pursuing her dreams of advancing complex scientific theories as a chemist. Her life is a constant battle to overcome the obstacles placed in her path due to being a woman. As her life changes unexpectedly from the laboratory to the stage of America’s favorite TV program, Supper at Six, she finds herself in a unique position to share her love of chemistry in entirely new ways. With the help of grudge-bearing fellow chemist, nosy neighbor, charming dog, and loner producer, her story becomes an intricately woven tale of passion, loss, and the pursuit of knowledge. So grab your tissues and come prepared; Elizabeth will have you cheering alongside her triumphs and crying through her heartbreaks in this one of a kind story. And who knows…maybe you’ll learn a little bit of chemistry along the way. Situations involving rape, sexual assault, and suicide.