Faceout Friday by Booksellers Jacey and Rebecca

Book Quick Facts
● Genre: Middle Grade
● Length: 272 pages
● Part of a Series: No

Rebecca's Recommendation:

If you are looking for a book that empowers young people to change the world, this book is it.  In the current climate of book banning, this book addresses the idea of more subtle banning of content in Middle School and three 6th graders are not going to have it.  Identifying allies and adversaries, Mac and his friends/classmates take on the system and make a difference as they fight for the truth.  Loved the inserted "Letters to the Editor" and the cameo appearance of real life author Jane Yolen.  A must read for kids and grown ups alike!

Jacey's Recommendation:

Absolutely excellent, Attack of the Black Rectangles really captures the problems of our current moment and the struggle that kids are going through. Adults tend to underestimate how intelligent kids are, and in refusing to have conversations with them, we don't create more innocent children, just more ignorant adults. I can't wait for everyone to get a chance to share in this wonderful and prevalent book.