Flash Fiction - Stories in a nutshell




Ever feel that you just don’t have time to sit down and read a whole book? Are you looking for a fiction “snack” to wedge in while you wait for an appointment or before bed? We have a solution – Flash Fiction.  They are also called microfiction, short short stories, or sudden fiction.  They range from 5 - 1,500 words and are a self contained little nugget all their own. Any genre, any subject, and any length between 5 and 1500 words.  They are explosive, attention grabbing, and so very flexible.  Rather than focusing on developing a complex plot or character, the writer instead focuses on the narrative’s movement. Every sentence, every word, should reveal something to the reader that we did not know before. It should also hint at a larger backstory than the one that is revealed on the page.  In short, it should leave us wanting more.


Why the sudden interest in Flash Fiction?  Every year in January, Boise Weekly holds a Fiction 101 contest for flash fiction of 101 words or less.  And every year, we are constantly amazed and marvel at the talent of local writers who capitalize on these amazing short short stories.  This year was no different.  Over 100 local authors submitted stories of love, lust, tragedy, and comedy–all in 101 words or less.  


The winners for the 20th Annual Fiction 101 were selected by a panel of local judges that included author Emily Ruskovich, journalists Harrison Berry and Anna Webb, Executive Director of Surel’s Place Greg Hahn, and poet Emmy Parton.  Join Rediscovered Books via Zoom (registration required) for First Thursday, 2/3/2022, 7 p.m. MST to hear the winning stories read live by their authors.  Event is free and open to the public.