Growing Ownership at Rediscovered Books and Once and Future Books

From left to right: Rebecca Crosswhite, Hanna Fischer, Rebecca Leber-Gottberg, and Kalli King


Rebecca Crosswhite, Rebecca Leber-Gottberg, Hanna Fischer, and Kalli King are now part of the ownership structure of Rediscovered Books and Once and Future Books. 

Each of them has made significant contributions to the stores locally and has demonstrated leadership in many arenas.  


Rediscovered Books has been driven by the ideas and insights of all of these women, and now the ownership of the company reflects that reality.


Rebecca Crosswhite, the general manager, has been with the company since 2015. She is a member of the Book Sellers Advisory Board for the American Booksellers Association and a frequent presenter at national bookselling events.  


Rebecca Leber-Gottberg, the Events Coordinator,  has worked at Rediscovered Books since 2019, working hard to grow and strengthen Rediscovered Books’ ties with the community. She has introduced many new and successful events and is always discovering ways to promote ways that books and people can meet.   She leads the Read Freely Project in collaboration with The Cabin.


Hanna Fischer, the Inventory Manager, has worked at Rediscovered Books since the fall of 2017. She has worked in various roles including direct sales management, inventory receiving, returns management, and floor management at both Rediscovered Books and Once and Future Books. She curates the inventory to reflect the values of the community and the values of the bookstore and its booksellers. 


Kalli King, the Marketing Coordinator, worked at Rediscovered Books from fall 2017 to early 2021 in many roles including website specialist, store manager of Once and Future Books, assistant store manager at Rediscovered Books, and inventory manager. From 2021 to spring of 2023, she went to South Korea to teach English, but returned to Rediscovered Books in May of 2023, stepping into the role of Marketing Coordinator. She is dedicated to growing the Rediscovered Books and Once and Future Books brands and growing their relationship with the community. 


Bruce and Laura DeLaney remain as owners, and will continue their roles of CFO and CEO of the company.   We hope that when you see these women, you take the time to congratulate them on their investment in Rediscovered Books and the Boise community.