Idaho Authors - And you thought the "Gem State" was referring to something else

Working at Rediscovered Books always brings a lot of pleasant surprises. However,one of the best ones is the large number of Idaho authors that we have both in the Treasure Valley and on our store shelves, both in fiction and non-fiction for all age groups.  

We often get a lot of tourists in the store at varying times during the year and frequently, they are looking for a book by someone local.  Well, that just opens up all sorts of opportunities for us.  Our Idaho authors webpage is always in flux as we add more authors, but we also have a rotating shelf that we cycle through to give all our Idaho authors some prominent shelf space.  These pictures just tap into a small portion of them.

It is really great to share a book by one of our local authors (and customers).  There is a personal satisfaction of placing a story by someone whose book you love in a customer’s hands and knowing that you know the person behind that book. 

Many people are often surprised that some of Idaho’s own are even well known out in the wider world.  (Here’s looking at you, Cynthia Hand and Anthony Doerr.) So when you are looking for the perfect gift for yourself or someone else, check out what "gems" Idaho has to offer.  You just might be very surprised…