Illustrated History - A New Frontier

Calling all historians, especially those of you interested in WW1 and the Battle of the Somme!

I always appreciate a well written piece of history and Adam Hochschild has been a favorite author of mine. He and I first made our acquaintance in Graduate School when I read King Leopold's Ghost.  After that, I read number of his other works.  While WW1 has never been my "go to" era in military history, this book made me rethink that.  Joe Sacco's Illustrated Panorama couple with Hochschild's essay and the detailed explanations of the battle hooked me into further exploring July 1, 1916:  The First Day of the Battle of the Somme.  

Sacco's illustrations were mesmerizing and intricately detailed.  The accompanying text was helpful and interesting adding to further scrutiny of the artist's work.  Sacco's visuals have taken what has previously been flat text and brought it to life.  Every time I have come back to this amazing "illustrate rendition" of the Battle of the Somme I find more to explore and more reason to read further about WW1.