Is it really Valentine's Day Again?

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue,

Sugar is sweet and so are you!  heart

The Roses are dead,

The Violets are wilted

If you're lucky, Valentine’s Day wont leave you jilted broken heart


Ah, Valentine’s Day.  The holiday that sparks the glitter of romance, or feelings of disdain in the unromantic among us.  Either way, it is coming on Monday, February 14 and you can celebrate it any way that you want – with hearts and flowers or beer and nachos. We, at Rediscovered Books, are here for you whatever your Valentine’s needs are.  Whether you are feeling light and airy or dramatic and dark, we have you covered!


Hot son of Satan helping you and your friend keep the world from ending, or creepy vintage vibes horror novel about your bestie's possession?


Two polar opposite authors sparking and igniting, or fan rescue of famed author creeping into trapped horror?


Frazzled newly divorced mom/romantic suspense author is mistaken for a hit woman in hilarious comedy of errors, or riveting marriage gone wrong that's deliciously dark and twisty?


Renowned scientist teams up with her clone to hide their husband's murder, or fluffy laboratory rom-com between grumpy/sunshine?


A rich and twisty sci-fi political epic with brilliant language, or queer mutual pining and hurt/comfort with a side of sci-fi politics?


Lesbians in love in New York City with yearning and time travel, or the soul of New York City personified against a mysterious alien entity?