Jackie's Staff Take Over

Hello! I’m Jackie and a few things you should know about me is that I am a huge animal lover (so bring those dogs to the store for a visit and a snack) and an even bigger romance lover. Novels, movies, you name it. If it’s got romance in it, I want it. So of course when I got to take over the staff pick table I had to fill it with my absolute favorite romance novels. From my old favorites, This Lullaby and Everything Leads to You to my recent The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics and A Girl Like Her. 

Every title on this table has brought me laughter, tears (most of the time tears, but like the good kind of crying) and an amazing love story. I am so incredibly happy that I not only get to share my love of these books with you but that I get to help expand our romance section and include so many different types of love stories. With that said I hope you stop in, have a chat and branch outside that comfort zone and pick up a romance. After all, if it isn’t a romance what would be the point?