Just like the Big Kids…

Working at the bookstore, we have the opportunity to explore all kinds of books about all kinds of subjects and one of the most underrated genres (in my opinion) is the graphic novel. Fiction, non-fiction.  Early readers, kids, young adults, adults.  I have even read a doctoral dissertation done in graphic novel format!  But of all the graphic novels that I have read, the emerging reader graphic novels are the MOST fun!

For a long time and with many people, graphic novels were equated with comic books and, therefore, not seen as “serious” reading.  But for emerging or reluctant readers, graphic novels may be the key to becoming lifelong readers. I wish that they had been around when my adult son was learning to read. 

Graphic novels are not as intimidating for emerging readers, but provide valuable skills that can bridge between picture books and chapter books.  They require a level of integration that uses reading pictures in conjunction with words to build and sequence stories.  And they are just so darned cool!  

I have found myself laughing out loud at the Beginner Graphic Novels and marvel at the sheer audacity and skill that these authors have in creating a story that you just want to keep reading.  This is such a huge improvement on what used to be available for the emerging reader.  My age may be showing, but Dick, Jane, Spot, and Sally were not nearly as entertaining as Peter and Ernesto (the sloths) or Weenie, Frank, and Beans. I take them home to read out loud to my husband.  And once he got over the shock of it, he was laughing right along!

So, rush on down to your friendly neighborhood bookstore and grab yourself one of these gems.  I guarantee they will have you laughing out loud too! Here are just a few of our favorites:

Super Detectives (Simon and Chester Book #1) by Cale Atkinson

Peter and Ernesto: Tale of Two Sloths (Peter and Ernesto Book #1)  by Graham Annable

Mad about Meatloaf (Weenie featuring Frank and Beans) by Maureen Fergus

The Way Home (Owly #1) by Andy Runton

Fox & Rabbit (Fox & Rabbit #1) by Beth Ferry

Waffles and Pancake:  Planetary-yum (Waffles and Pancake #1) by Drew Brockington

Narwhal:  Unicorn of the Sea! (Narwhal and Jelly Book #1) by Ben Clanton

Fitz and Cleo (Fitz and Cleo Book #1) by Jonathan Stutzman

Donut Feed the Squirrels (Norma and Belly #1) by Mika Song