Kalli's Staff Pick Take Over

The books here reflect my reading taste; that is to say--all over the place. Most of the books I love tend to deal with issues that speak to our humanity. They are important, telling works that widen my worldview. Other books I love bring out the hopeless romantic in me, like The Goose Girl and Cold-Hearted Rake. Bring in a strong female main character and some spicy romance, and I will keep that book in my library for life. 

Then the all over the place part of my taste kicks in, and we have titles like Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, where a Chinese African American Pizza Delivery Man (Hiro Protagonist) has to save the world from a drug that may render all computer engineers useless, Never Touch a Dinosaur, which is just plain fun and cute (you should definitely touch the dinosaur), and Rant by Chuck Palahniuk, which is a story unique and mind blowing (saying anything more would ruin the experience!). I get bored if I stay in one niche too long, but so far every genre that I’ve ventured into ends up having a book I love.