Letters of Note - The gift that you did not know that you needed.


In perusing the bookshelves for something short and sweet to read, I grabbed one of these little books and opened it up to a world full of surprises.  Interested in cats, art, space, love, sex, war?  Then this is a little present to yourself (or someone else) of random letters written on the subject.  

You thought letter writing was dead?  Obviously not. Compiled by author Shaun Usher, these little vignettes are like that bag of mixed sweets (or a box of chocolates per Forest Gump) because you never know what you are going to get.  It might be musician Karen Carpenter or Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gregarin.  It might be artist Michaelangelo or a concerned 11 year old pleading a case for Pluto to be a planet again.  These little gems are chocked full of letters from the famous and the unknown.  Some are serious, like Gregarin’s letter to his wife and daughter should he perish in space, and some are funny, (“Never Get a Bulldog” by Roald Dahl).  

Regardless, a peek into these Letters of Note is the balm your soul never knew it needed.  So pour yourself a cup of tea, put up your feet, and enjoy.