Meet the Book Seller - Kalli King

Meet Kalli!

  1. How long have you worked at Rediscovered Books?   2 years and 3 months
  2. What 3 books are currently on your bedside table?  The Roxy Letters by Mary Pauline Lowry, The Ruin of Kings by Jenna Lyons, and Chasing Cassandra by Lisa Kleypas
  3. What genre(s) do you most prefer to read?    Historical Romance, Graphic Novels, Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Biography
  4. What book do you most recommend that everyone should read and why?   The Great Pretender by Susanah, Cahalan.  The study that she researches changed the face of psychology!
  5. What are your hobbies (other than reading)?  Well, obviously reading.  But also crochet, puzzling, and watching GREAT TV shows. 
  6. What do you like best about working at Rediscovered Books?  Being surrounded by like-minded people andhaving this amazing expanse of knowledge that is applicable in and outside of work.