Meet the Bookseller - Bruce - Sci Fi Aficiondo, Game Guru, and Bookstore Co-Owner

Describe what you do at RD books in 6 words.

Make sure the shelves are full.

What was the last book you read that you loved?

The Summer Tree by Guy Gavriel Kay.

What was a book you read on a recommendation from someone else that you wouldn’t have picked up otherwise?

Down Along with that Devils' Bones: a Reckoning with Monuments, Memory and the Legacy of White Supremacy by Connor Towne O'Neill on the recommendation of Gen. Ty Seidule.  

Favorite reading spot?

On our porch in the morning with a cup of coffee.

Favorite part about working at the store?

When a customer who you talked to about a book I love comes back in and tells me how much they loved it.  It is the best feeling to share that love for a story.

Do you have any good author stories? 

Yes. I was on a bus going from the Portland airport to a book conference and the only other passenger on the airport shuttle had bright purple hair. I assumed that she was going to the hotel to attend the conference and asked her what bookstore they worked at. She said that they didn't work at a bookstore, but was an author going to the conference. I asked what style of books that she wrote and she said, Steampunk. I then said "you must be Cherie Priest" as I had just finished and loved Boneshaker and I knew that she was coming to the author dinner. Cherie was really surprised to be recognized and that I had already read their book as it was not published (I had read a preview copy).

How did you come to Rediscovered Books?

Laura and I started the store after I left Micron in 2004. I had worked at Micron since college and the bookstore was a big change, but it is the best job I have ever had.

What is something unique to you that you would like people to know?

I have over 500 board games in my collection and host a weekly game night at the house for friends.

What are some of your all-time favorite books for you?

Dune by Frank Herbert

The Mad Scientists Club by Bertrand Brinley

In Memory Yet Green/In Joy Still Felt by Isaac Asimov (his biography in 2 volumes)

The Mallet of Loving Correction: Selected writings from Whatever 2008-2012 by John Scalzi

Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide 1st Edition by E. Gary Gygax (1979)