Meet Rebecca Gottberg, Events Coordinator at Rediscovered Books

Meet Rebecca Gottberg, Events Coordinator at Rediscovered Books

Rebecca Gottberg Head Shot Photo

Describe what you do at Rediscovered books in 6 words.

Contact authors, plan events, sell books.

What was the last book you read that you loved?

The Firekeeper’s Daughter.  It was an incredibly well crafted story with lifelike characters.  I loved the way the author seamlessly integrated Ojibwe culture into narrative.  It was just beautifully written and compelling.

What was a book you read and loved because of a recommendation, that otherwise you wouldn’t have picked up?

All Systems Red by Martha Wells.  I really appreciated the quirky nature of MurderBot and was different from any other science fiction I've read.  I liked the novella and the need to read the next one.

Do you have a favorite reading spot?

Yes, bed.

What’s a book that you re-read every year?

The Stand by Stephen King.  I come back to it everyear because of the compelling characters and storytelling.  Everytime I finish it, I am sad that it has come to an end.  It's the only book I've read more than once.

Do you have a favorite part about working at the store?

Working with such great people.

How did you come to Rediscovered Books?

I’m a college history professor, I have been for the last 26 years. I have a Doctorate in history. I came to Rediscovered Books on a whim after shopping and happened to fall into this position that Bruce and Laura were trying to redefine. I always find it interesting how people come to be at the bookstore – we have such a wide array of people and broad array of life experiences. I did not set out to be an events coordinator at a bookstore, and yet it’s not really all that different from writing curriculum and teaching college classes.

Any great serendipitous moments working with authors?

I just finished reading Hola Papi by JP Brammer. He started a column called Hola Papi, which was a Dear Abby type column for gay men. He started it as a lark, but it actually took off and people were seriously asking questions. So this book is a memoir in essays of some of the questions he’s been asked and how he answered them using his own life experience. After I finished the book, I was googling him and I found out that he is also an artist. So he has a website, I was looking at his stuff and I ordered some things from him. In the Contact Us email I put in a pitch for an event that said, “Hey, I just ordered some stuff off your website and I just finished your book and I loved it. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing an event” He responded back in 10 minutes. He was worried because he wasn’t sure that the book would find an audience. The book is funny, it’s painful, it’s wise, it’s a really interesting way for him to chronicle his journey to finding his place in the world. Hola Papi releases the beginning of June, so the event will most likely be in June or July.