Meet Sheryce - Belle of the Bookstore

Sheryce Image

Describe what you do at RD books in 6 words.

I get excited about ALL Books.  (She is just like Belle when she first sees the library in Beauty and the Beast)

What was the last book you read that you loved?

Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley

OH MY GOSH  OH MY GOSH  OH MY GOSH This powerful and important story is told with beauty, respect, and honor,  It’s a snapshot into our country’s history, both past and present.  Indigenous voices sing on every page and I want the world to hear them.

What was a book you read on a recommendation from someone else that you wouldn’t have picked up otherwise?

A friend came in the bookstore last Spring and bought Thursday Murder Club (Richard Osman) as a gift for me on the recommendation of a clearly wise and all-knowing but anonymous bookseller. And now it has become one of my favorites to recommend to customers who will fall in love with it too. 

Favorite reading spot?

Curled up on any armchair or in bed or outside by the river.  Or reading out loud to anyone who will listen. 

Book you re-read every year?

Where the Wild Things are by Maurice Sendak

Favorite part about working at the store?

What is not to love? I am at the BOOKSTORE talking about BOOKS with customers and colleagues who also love BOOKS.  More BOOKS being read by more people makes the world a better place and I am proud to be a part of that world.

Do you have any good author stories?

I believe that there is an author in all of us with stories that deserve to be told.   And heard. But I am glad so many gifted ones seem to know what my heart needs.

How did you come to Rediscovered Books?

Life-long lover of books + 30 years teaching in the classroom = One happy bookseller today.


What is something unique to you that you would like people to know?

I love:  live music, live theatre, reading books, Dutch oven cooking, the outdoors, my sweetie pie, throwing pottery, and living in Boise. (Not all in that order of course. 


What are four all time favorite children’s books for you?


Charlotte Doyle Cover ImageThe True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi

Accused of murder, brought to trial and found guilty.  Not an average trip!




Wonder Cover ImageWonder by RJ Palacio

Auggie’s story made me want to jump up and shout with joy, pain, and glee. 




Tale of Despereaux ImageThe Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo

Brave tiny mouse knight could ride with Don Quixote spreading honor and LOVE.




Mad about Meatloaf ImageWeenie featuring Frank & Beans:  Mad About Meatloaf by Maureen Ferguson and Alexandra Bye (Illustrator)

Delicious meatloaf!  Weiner dog, cat, Guinea Pig--friends in crime...with heart!