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Open Bookclubs / Bookclubs Currently Accepting New Members:


AAUW (American Association of University Women)

Meets: every 3rd Sunday each month, at 2PM, at The Cabin (801 S Capitol Blvd)

Contact:Mary Ruckh at for more information.

Beyond the Book Discussion Book Club

Meets: every 2nd Saturday, at 10AM, at the Star Library (10706 W. State St.)

Contact: Birgit Phelps at for more information.

Beyond the Book

Meets: every 4th Monday each month, at 6PM, at Smoky Mountain Pizza

(1805 W. State St.)

Contact: Dagmar Rapp at for more information

Comic Book Book Club

Meets: every 2nd Thursday each month, at 6PM, at Spacebar Arcade (200 N.

Capitol Blvd.)

Contact: RE Zikow at for more information

Fictional Book Club

Meets: every 3rd Tuesday, at 6:30PM, at Awakenings Coffee House (10650 W. Overland Rd)

Contact: Natalie Perry on the Facebook page for "The Fictional Book Club" to join and get more information about meetings.

Flicks Book Club

Meets: every 4th Tuesday each month, at 6PM, at The Flicks (646 Fulton

Street, Boise)

Contact: Gail Kirkpatrick at for more information

Forever Young Book Club

Meets: every 3rd Thursday each month, at 6:30PM, at Lucky Perk (1630 S. Eagle Rd.) 

Contact: Korena Wright at for more information

Human Rights Book Club

Meets: the 2nd Thursday, every other month at 7PM, at the Black HistoryMuseum in Julia Davis Park

Contact: Lisa Ulhman at or see the Rediscovered Bookshop

website for more information

Humanists of Idaho Book Club

Meets: Monthly (dates vary,) at 1PM, at 1810 S. Curtis Road.

Contact: Karen Sesek via Boise Rationalists Book Club page on Facebook

to join and find their upcoming reading list

Lit for Lunch

Meets: September through April, the 3rd or 4th Friday, at 12PM, at the downtown

public library (715 S Capitol Blvd)

Contact: Cheryl Hindrichs at for more


Macchiato and Murder

Meets: every 2nd Thursday each month, at 1PM, at Growlers Pizza (9931 W. Cable Car St.)

Contact:Bev McKay at for more information.

Meridian Women's Novel Reading Book Club

Meets: every 2nd Thursday each month, at 10:30AM, at Awakenings Coffee House (10650 W. Overland Rd)

Contact: Caitie Fredrickson at for more information.

The Book Club at Thrive Chiropractic

Meets: monthly at Thrive Chiropractic (2404 S. Orchard, Suite 800)

Contact: Sam Chaffin at for more information.

Writers: Paired! (Osher Special Interest Group)

Meets: every 3rd Wednesday each month, at Parkcenter Key Bank (875 E. Parkcenter Blvd.)

Contact: Carol Delaney at for more information.

updated 5/25/18