Practice Self-Care This Holiday Season

Rebecca C holding books - Practice Self Care This Holiday Season

As school starts and the holiday season shopping is about to begin, it's easy to get caught up and forget about the most important thing in your life: 




Make some time to practice self care this holiday season with some great books!


Here's what we recommend to help you take some time for YOU this fall: 


The Origins of You by Vienna Pharaon book cover


The Origins of Life by Vienna Pharaon

Recommended by Jacey


Though I'm not usually a self-help reader, I found this to be an excellent read.

Pharaon is gentle and kind to her readers as she guides them through identifying trauma and wounds in one's pasts.

The inclusion of real patient experiences was especially interesting as it not only highlighted key points being made, but also showed real examples of improvement and growth.

This might just be the book that sparks me to read more self-help.


Life in Five Senses by Gretchen Rubin book cover

Life in Five Senses by Gretchen Rubin

Recommended by Diane


I listened to this on and I really was leery if I would enjoy it but I did.

I learned more in depth about our senses and even though I have always felt I am very in tune to smells, taste, touch, sight and hearing I could appreciate learning even more and hopefully appreciating the joy of greater sense of place.


The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson


The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson

Recommended by Amy


Wondering what to do with all the clutter you seem to have magically accumulated in your lifetime?

Thinking towards to the future and what As morbid as the title appears, Margareta Magnusson uses humor and personal anecdotes to delve into the topic of what happens to your things when you die.

She explains - often with easy to digest application and steps - how to declutter your life's mementos so they do not burden the next generation when you are gone.

I found her advice to be solid and appropriate for people of all ages (albeit written with an older generation in mind).

It's a quick and easy read I highly recommend!


Edit Your Life by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta book cover


Edit Your Life by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta

Recommended by Laura


Reading Edit Your Life is just like having a tea with a friend who supports you and helps you find your own answers.

Elisabeth's ideas are clear, actionable, and presented in a way that empowers you to pick up what you are ready for.

Enjoy sitting and exploring this book, and it will feel like Elisabeth is sitting next to you encouraging you at every step.


The Comfort Book by Matt Haig book cover


The Comfort Book by Matt Haig

Recommended by Rebecca G


This little book has a lot of BANG!

For anyone who is struggling or who has struggled in the last year, Matt Haig offers us small, yet mighty, glimpses into little vignettes (some a page long, some mere sentences) into his world.

The Comfort Book is exactly that - Comforting.

The author reads this book and it only adds to the charm, thoughtfulness, and depth.

I recommend it for ANYONE!